Database Technology

Our technology is built on object database technology, a similar platform to technology used in particle physics research laboratories. This technology enables us to manage data varying in scale from kilobytes to petabytes with near identical performance. These patented solutions seem impossible to database technologists, however we have successfully disconnected the relationship between database performance and data volume.  This is a challenge that continues to elude solutions based on relational and Hadoop models, among others. 

Open Standards

Automsoft technology places a strong emphasis on open standards such as OPC and WITSML. We have contributed to the development of several OPC Standards, and adapt our technologies as these standards evolve.  Our open philosophy allows us to talk to every device, connect to every legacy system, utilize every existing data store in an organisation and aggregate data from every existing investment in data management technology. Our cloud solutions allow you to maintain physical custody of the data yourself. 


The RAPID™ database engine performance allows us to connect data for millions of devices, locations, sensors and control systems in a single application environment. By default we implement a zero-data loss compression algorithm, so that no data is discarded (lossy compression can be enabled if required). Every data value inserted can be retrieved – most other process databases discard some data prior to storage.

Data can be inserted Out of Sequence with minimal performance impact.

RAPID™ Performance Numbers


Up to 64,000 RAPID™ databases can reside on a single machine. The RAPID™ architecture is a federated database model, meaning that in practice, applications can view this set of databases as a single virtual database.

  • Up to 64,000 RAPID™ Databases on a single machine

  • 256 Terabytes  (65536 x 4 Gigabytes) Upper limit for a single database

Data Insertion/Retrieval*

  • 3 Million Events written per second

  • 4.4 Million Events read per second

*These measurements were made using a standard budget desktop machine: Intel I3, Dual core 3 GHz, 4 Gb RAM, Crucial M4 SSD


The recommended limit for device storage on a single database is 500,000 devices. This numbers scales upwards by using the Federated Model as discussed above.

Calculations/Analytics/Data Enrichment

The current challenge not only for traditional data historians but also for data stores for the Internet of Things is how to make sense and derive intelligence from massive networks such as smart grid, smart meters, sensors measuring bio-responses for drug trials or sensors measuring energy consumption across multiple buildings in multiple geographies. Automsoft’s technology brings the ability not just to store the data, but to enrich it and perform analytics to derive intelligence from the data. This is achieved cost effectively – our software doesn’t require specific hardware or massive processing power. Web based analytics and visualization means that you can sit in your local coffee shop and look at what is happening in various locations across the world, draw conclusions, take actions and optimize your environment.

  • Platform independent HTML5 based web visualisation
  • Server and Client side Calculation Engine IDE to allow complex ad hoc and scheduled calculations
  • Extensible data import model to support reporting of proprietary data sources
  • PDF report generation and digital signing
  • Automatic email notification
  • Calculation result sets can be written to database
  • Application builder environment that provides "out of the box" capability to develop shrink wrapped solutions

Enterprise Infrastructure

Automsoft's technology provides an Enterprise level solution that includes the following:

  • Secure HTTP based database mirroring (data can be replicated through firewall)
  • Microsoft MSCS Cluster aware 
  • Device level security with audit trail capability to provide traceability of interactions
  • Secured binary database for custom documents and files
  • REST API for Enterprise wide direct database access



Automsoft is a technology pioneer. In 2001, Automsoft launched the world’s fastest and highest performing data historian, completely re-thinking conventions on technology and the management of process data. Today, Automsoft’s RAPID™ database technology is at the forefront in complex asset management, and provides the data backbone for managing the massive volume of data generated by sensor networks, control systems and devices across industries from smart grid to medical sensing technology. Automsoft is headquartered in the Republic of Ireland.



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