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We understand that with increased regulatory and quality controls your key challenge as a pharmaceutical manufacturer is to produce a quality, safe product as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Where we help is our RAPID™ technology has low total cost of ownership, runs on standard hardware, is easy to install and maintain, and with ingestion rates of 2.5 million events per second and a read rate of 4 million events per second performs second to none.

RAPID™ and Life Sciences

Automsoft has six of the top 20 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies as customers which should give you confidence in our track record. We help our customers collect and serve their pharmaceutical process data sourced from enterprise-wide manufacturing control systems to give them plant-wide data intelligence and the tools to optimise their production.

Key features include:

  • Batch management & optimization

  • Plant asset monitoring & management

  • Alignment with FDA PAT

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Visualization is by means of a rich Internet application (RIA) authoring system within RAPID™ which is ideal for large pharmaceutical plants, enabling complete centralization of production process data so that users in remote locations can access, analyze and execute decisions based on live process data results. Remote users can also quickly access process data for assets that may be located in physically secured or restricted areas of a pharmaceutical plant. Features include:

  • Web-based enterprise dashboard

  • Open plant process data management

  • Advanced charting & visualization tools

  • Calculation Engine & predictive modeling


Automsoft is a technology pioneer. In 2001, Automsoft launched the world’s fastest and highest performing data historian, completely re-thinking conventions on technology and the management of process data. Today, Automsoft’s RAPID™ database technology is at the forefront in complex asset management, and provides the data backbone for managing the massive volume of data generated by sensor networks, control systems and devices across industries from smart grid to medical sensing technology. Automsoft is headquartered in the Republic of Ireland.



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