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With investment expenditure increasing year on year we appreciate that to be a viable proposition, our RAPID™ technology has to significantly reduce your costs. We achieve this through greater efficiencies in your data management and providing much greater intelligence from your data. We are currently achieving ingestion rates of 2.5 million events per second and read rates of 4 million events per second using standard hardware, which is great news for your capital spend.

Leading oil and gas exploration companies have discovered the power of our technology, and have chosen to build their own products based on our powerful database engine. If you are a service provider please do talk to us.

Specific to the oil and gas industry, we manage depth data, as well as manage out of sequence data. We have interoperability with WITSML and keep abreast of developments as the standard evolves.

Our RAPID™ technology draws together business intelligence across the entire oilfield, refinery and distribution supply chain and can be deployed throughout offshore platforms & wells, production vessels, refineries, distribution and transportation facilities capturing all process data from control systems.

RAPID™ features for the Oil and Gas industry include:

  • Centralized data aggregation

  • Enterprise process management dashboard

  • Dispersed asset fleet management

  • Process visualization & centralized reporting

Visualization is by means of an RIA authoring system within RAPID™ which provides:

  • Centralized web-based supply chain visibility

  • Powerful web-based reporting & predictive modeling

  • Web-based management process dashboards

  • Process control gauge visualization

Four of the world’s leading upstream E&P operators use Automsoft technology, as well as oil field service companies.


Automsoft is a technology pioneer. In 2001, Automsoft launched the world’s fastest and highest performing data historian, completely re-thinking conventions on technology and the management of process data. Today, Automsoft’s RAPID™ database technology is at the forefront in complex asset management, and provides the data backbone for managing the massive volume of data generated by sensor networks, control systems and devices across industries from smart grid to medical sensing technology. Automsoft is headquartered in the Republic of Ireland.



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