Smart Grid


We are about the management of massive volumes of time series data, so where better to position ourselves than to offer utility companies, smart building managers and maintenance contractors huge efficiencies in data management and provision of intelligence from Smart Grid data. In terms of performance alone, we are currently achieving ingestion rates of 2.5 million events per second and read rates of 4 million events per second using standard hardware. That is, our RAPID™ technology’s performance is not determined by the level of hardware thrown at it.

Our RAPID™ technology enables:

Distribution Automation

Smart Meter device integration

Demand Response

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Smart appliances

Building Energy Management Systems


RAPID™ connects utilities with distribution control systems along the grid and consumer data via the AMI.

Key features include:

  • Open grid data compatibility

  • Smart grid visibility & supply management

  • Meter Data Management

    • AMI data integration & storage

    • Distribution management

    • Demand Response & dynamic pricing programs

    • Validation, Editing & Estimation

    • Centralized reporting

    • Market Data Capture and Reporting

Visualization is by means of an RIA authoring system within RAPID™ which provides:

  • Utilities (electricity, water & gas) features

    • Plant and grid-wide process monitoring dashboard

    • Smart meter & AMI data visualization

  • Smart Energy & Building Automation Systems (BAS) features

    • Real-time occupancy & consumption level views

    • Utility (electricity, gas, water) use-monitoring

    • Smart appliance automation management

    • Smart device data monitoring and analysis

    • Consumption & cost predictions

    • Building comparison analysis

    • Local microgeneration analysis

  • Smart Energy OEMs

    • Enabling Smart Energy technology manufacturers to embed RAPID™ visualization component rapidVision - powerful web-based process visualization technology - into applications for advanced monitoring.


Automsoft is a technology pioneer. In 2001, Automsoft launched the world’s fastest and highest performing data historian, completely re-thinking conventions on technology and the management of process data. Today, Automsoft’s RAPID™ database technology is at the forefront in complex asset management, and provides the data backbone for managing the massive volume of data generated by sensor networks, control systems and devices across industries from smart grid to medical sensing technology. Automsoft is headquartered in the Republic of Ireland.



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