RAPID™ - Advanced Time Series Database Technology

Automsoft’s RAPID™ technology is a robust suite of powerful data historian, information management and analysis applications designed to collect, analyze and serve large volumes of process data. RAPID™ delivers market leading data processing capabilities through its high speed distributed database.

RAPID™ Features

  • Powerful distributed Time Series Database
  • Real-time plant monitoring & asset management
  • Enterprise data configuration & management
  • Centralized reporting & configuration tools
  • Complex Calculation Engine, root-cause analysis & predictive modeling
  • KPI monitoring & Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis
  • Low IT administration
  • Secure data, user authentication & electronic signatures
  • Alarm & condition management
  • ACID compliant object oriented database
  • CRUD enabled REST API

Key RAPID™ Components

  • Data Capture: RAPID™ collects data from any control system or device. Supported data formats include time series, batch (ISA 88), alarm & condition and binary.
  • Reporting Tool: RAPID™ reporting capability collects and manages data retrieved from external control systems and batch execution systems. Users can explore time series, alarm & condition and batch data, batch lists, select batch data sources, define report properties and run and save reports.
  • Audit Reporting Tool: RAPID™ provides a tamper-evident record of all interactions with a database. Using the audit database the audit server can track interactions with multiple local or remote RAPID™ databases and generate comprehensive audit trail reports. Audit reports can be generated according to criteria such as specific user, type of activity or time period.
  • Excel Add-in: RAPID-XL (Excel Add-in) transforms Microsoft Excel into a powerful RAPID query and modeling tool.
  • Digital Signatures: Reports generated with RAPID™ reporting tools can be digitally signed. Signed reports may be versioned and stored in the RAPID™ database.

RAPID™ Redundancy Components

  • Server High Availability: RAPID™ High Availability component allows manufacturers to bolster server uptime to 99.999% availability. This module pairs a primary server with multiple standby servers.
  • Database Replication: The RAPID™ Data Replication component provides database mirroring on one or more remote servers.
  • Caching & Redundancy: The RAPID™ Caching component ensures continuous data capture in the event of network failure.