RAPIDVision™ - Data Analysis and Visualization

RAPIDVision™ is a powerful HTML5 single page application. This breakthrough technology is the culmination of Automsoft’s R&D collaboration and cutting-edge software development.

RAPIDVision™ open web services architecture enables users to find, retrieve, aggregate, and display data from any data source across both local and remote plant geographic locations. Users can perform web-based interrogations of multiple data sources from any browser with rich filtering and data mining controls to find the information they need.

Users can create rich reports, dashboards, mash-ups, guided analytics and scorecards with real-time and historic data.

Key RAPIDVision™ Features

  • Native HTML5 Application, capable of running on any HTML compatible platform from tablets and laptops to desktops and servers
  • Rich visualizations support for spreadsheets, grid, charts as well as bespoke widgets to suit all customer needs
  • Zero install footprint
  • Real time and historical data sources are supported
  • PDF Report Generation
  • Report Scheduling
  • Digital Signatures
  • VCR support
  • Part 11 Compliance
  • Data filtering for performing ad-hoc analytics on the client

RAPIDVision™ Components

  • Discovery Browser: Allows users to quickly browse and search for one or more data sources across a building, plant or infrastructural network.
  • REST API: All client-server communication is handled by a fully featured REST API that can expose raw data-sets or processed data at ease.
  • RAPIDVision™ Screen Design: Users can quickly consolidate data from multiple data sources in a single screen. Screens may be developed ad hoc or pre-configured, and can range in complexity from process mimics to advanced KPI’s and scorecards.
  • Complex Calculation Engine: Automsoft’s calculation engine technology, powerful and complex calculations can be performed on back-end servers, combining data sources over disparate systems to powerful data enrichment.
  • Rich visualization of data: Using the best in breed of visual components, RAPIDVision™ allows the user to bring data to life in a clear, concise fashion. A modular approach to design allows these components to be extended to suit any purpose.
  • Data animation and playback.
  • Allow end users to extend platform: Using a modular front-end composition system, users can develop their own components easily to extend the framework while still leveraging the power of the back-end querying and calculations engines.

Automsoft is a technology pioneer. In 2001, Automsoft launched the world’s fastest and highest performing data historian, completely re-thinking conventions on technology and the management of process data. Today, Automsoft’s RAPID™ database technology is at the forefront in complex asset management, and provides the data backbone for managing the massive volume of data generated by sensor networks, control systems and devices across industries from smart grid to medical sensing technology. Automsoft is headquartered in the Republic of Ireland.



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