Manufacturing Process Historian

We provide advanced process historian functionality to Industrial Automation professionals in a wide range of manufacturing environments including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, paper production and mining. From data collection, visualization and querying of data to complex calculations, asset modelling and provision of key actionable data.

We can help you to:

  • Connect your data historian to your wireless instruments, SCADA, process control systems - to aggregate and manage your manufacturing process data
  • Model your assets for easy configuration and deployment and for asset level performance analysis
  • Compare plant data across multiple sites to benchmark processes and equipment

  • Generate alarm and condition data so that you can identify and remedy quickly what has gone wrong
  • Forward detailed operational information and data from your historian to your MES, ERP and Asset Management systems
  • View your data on any desktop PC, laptop PC, smartphone or tablet connected to your corporate intranet or to the Internet

  • Automate your reporting and comply with regulatory reporting requirements

Case Studies


Process and Quality Monitoring for Chocolate Crumb Manufacture


Batch Historian for an IV Bag Filling Plant

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