Batch Historian for an IV Bag Filling Plant

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


This project provided our Client with a full batch historian for an IV bag, twenty line filling plant and included integration with their PLC’s SCADA, Lab System and the Batch Planning System.


We integrated to a new SCADA system for real time data collection and developed SCADA code to provide electronic signature data and system security.

We developed web based reports for Batch release and general process investigation and a Batch Summary system to provide high-level insight into the operation of the plant, including real time and long term OEE.

Strategic Benefit to our Client

The project replaced our Client’s paper based system which meant that batches could now be released at batch end, removing the need to quarantine product while reviewing paperwork.

The consequential elimination of quarantine phase meant that the Client could re-purpose the quarantine area to additional filling lines, thus increasing capacity.

Our Client has improved real time and strategic understanding now of how the plant ‘works’.