Process and Quality Monitoring for Chocolate Crumb Manufacture

Client: Global Food Manufacturer


In this project we collected essential process data from the chocolate crumb production process for one of the largest names in worldwide food manufacture.


We implemented data collection, aggregation and storage from over 70 PLCs which included everything from ingredient reception, storage, evaporation, cooking, cleaning, WWT and utilities.

As quality is a major concern we implemented process monitoring to spot trends and deviations which may impact on product quality.

Strategic Benefit to our Client

The system provides the mechanism to observe the entire site from a single view point, providing the ability to optimise production.

Our Client can predict the potential loading on a particular process bottleneck and schedule plant operations accordingly to manage its impact.

Automatization of the daily production KPI reports, which are now integrated into the daily work plan and used to optimise production.

Automatic generation of OEE and visualisation of OEE trends enables our Client to fine tune the production process, optimize costs and gain a better understanding of how to recover from process perturbations.