Data Management for Shale Gas Equipment

Client: Fortune 500 Oilfield Services Company


In this project we implemented a centralised process data management solution for a fleet of mobile shale gas extraction equipment.


The initial task was to create a dynamic database schema for the storage of process data.

We then developed a local data collection mechanism on each piece of equipment which had wireless connection to the central database.

We used RAPID to aggregate and store data and provided management software to dynamically allocate and track equipment to individual fracking sites.

Strategic Benefit to our Client

Through the integration of both out of the box and full development APIs our Client now has a highly specific, unique data management solution.
Fast data storage and retrieval rates ensure a very high level of data granularity.

Data insertion and store & forward capability deals with breaks in data transmission from the field to ensure zero data loss.

This is a flexible solution which gives our Client the capability to expand as the fleet grows.