Manage and analyze your
process data quickly and affordably

with the most advanced, highest performing data historian

20+ years of innovation
1,000+ global installations
9+ major industry sectors
100% trusted by blue chip clients
4 continents

RAPID Key Features


Lightning fast performance

RAPID outperforms all other time series databases. Every installation comes with simple utilities to demonstrate incredible performance on commodity hardware.

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Scales with no limits

RAPID’s ACID compliant object database design is specifically tailored for storing time series data. Insertion/query performance is not impacted by data volume, also a single RAPID database has a theoretical limit of 1024 petabytes in size.

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Connects to anything

We connect to anything using the modular Data Adaptor whose architecture allows custom collectors to be easily developed for other protocols. The dedicated Automsoft Support team are ready to help you with this.

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An API for every developer

We have built our product using a modular architecture and have API entry points pretty much everywhere.

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Never lose any data

We achieve high availability by providing redundancy on multiple fronts, including database mirroring, automatic connection failover, clustering and remote data collection store & forward.

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Low cost of ownership

The highly automated system ensures initial setup is straightforward and fast and requires minimal ongoing system intervention.

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See your data your way

Web frontends that work from phones to control rooms. Rich Design framework for easily creating bespoke dashboards and reports for your business by your engineers.

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Enrich your data

Perform simple to complex calculations on your data. We understand that not everyone is a data scientist, so we have pioneered a rich visual programming interface for developing your analytics.

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Trust your data

RAPID is used in many of the Fortune 500 Pharma companies due to its excellent track record in security and auditing.

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How does it work?

Our technology is built on object database technology, a similar platform to technology used in particle physics research laboratories. This technology enables us to manage data varying in scale from kilobytes to petabytes with near identical performance. These patented solutions seem impossible to database technologists, however we have successfully disconnected the relationship between database performance and data volume. This is a challenge that continues to elude solutions based on relational and Hadoop models, among others.

Events written
per second

3.0 Million

Events read
per second

4.4 Million


0% Data loss

Tags stored
on a single database

500 Thousand

Upper limit
for a single database

1024 Petabytes

on a single machine

64 Thousand