RAPIDEnterprise is our full featured offering which provides the platform for Plant and Enterprise IMS, Smart City and IoT Applications. Applications can be used for monitoring in a control room, viewed on the plant floor or in a facility, or accessed in the field and city using mobile smart devices.


Process and Quality Monitoring for Chocolate Crumb Manufacture


Batch Historian
for an
IV Bag
Filling Plant

Centralised Management of Vessel Data

Data Management for Mobile Fracking Equipment


Wind Farm Management Application

Inspection of Complex Assets in Power Generation

Distributed Gas Turbine Maintenance

Smart City Crowd Management


HVAC Remote Management

Every application is unique and built to our customers’ specific requirements using our modular architecture. As illustration, let’s take you through a Wind Farm Management application built using RAPIDEnterprise.


Wind Farm Management Application

Pricing will depend on the size of the system and range of functionality you require, but you can expect to spend substantially less with us than with any other leading supplier. Our philosophy is that price should not be an obstacle to our best in class software.

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