RAPID™ Features

Data Intelligence features


RAPID’s web front end works on smartphones through to control room desktops. You can create bespoke dashboards and reports for your business using our Rich Design framework.

  • Full HTML5 dashboard development - for ad-hoc queries, complex KPIs and dashboards
  • Permanent Graphical User Interface for use as a control system
  • PDF Reporting framework with report scheduling support
  • Rich palette of controls such as Charts, Spreadsheets, Grids, Maps, Labels, Buttons, Images, Gauges
  • Map based location indication and live weather overlays
  • Drawing toolbox to model complex assets
  • View on HTML devices from smartphone to tablet to desktop, no app is required
  • MS Excel integration. Excel COM Add-in RAPID-XL connects to server using either REST or OPC-HDA
  • Full integration with RAPID’s Information Model asset management solution
Data Analytics Dashboard
Data Analytics Dashboard


Build and customize an Information Management System which can be accessed in the field, from home or in the office.

  • Manage assets from a single instance to plant/field to total Enterprise
  • Permanent Graphical User Interface for use as a control system
  • Display data trends, patterns and correlations
  • Compare performance over different time periods
  • Use RAPID’s Quick Query functionality to create and save queries
  • Set up and distribute standard management reports
  • Complex analytics with the application of AI


You can perform simple to complex calculations on your data, with a rich visual programming interface for embedding calculations into your analytics.

  • Intuitive visual programming calculation engine
  • Create calculations using input → operation → output drag and drop
  • Calculation operations can be freeform expression, standard library functions or code based
  • Perform calculations triggered by defined events
  • Enrich your data by combining RAPID data with external data sources
  • Integrate with external data analytics platforms such as R, Matlab, Pandas and SAS
Visual Calculations
Visual Calculations

Artificial Intelligence

If your requirement is to move to preventative and predictive maintenance of your assets, our data scientists and research partners have the capability to develop algorithms for your assets.

These algorithms learn over time what the ‘normal’ performance of your assets is. Using these algorithms you can identify degradation in your asset’s performance before it fails and before a failure would be detected by normal protocols. You can take less invasive action to service the asset, well before production is affected. Dependent on asset warranties, maintenance could be based on actual performance rather than on scheduled maintenance plans and the life of your assets can be extended.

Information Model for Asset Management

Information Model is a core database within RAPID which enables you to create a model of each of your complex asset classes and then to create a hierarchy of your actual asset instances based on these models. Each class can be sub-classed to create variations on existing assets, for example different turbine models from a single vendor or different turbine models from several vendors.

  • Information Model’s powerful rules engine synchronizes asset metrics and database tags, so adding new assets is simple. You can also use an API
  • RAPID’s HTML5 visualization displays your asset classes and you can use drag and drop functionality to create complex asset views
  • You can monitor and analyze performance from individual asset instance to asset class to total Enterprise / Field performance
Information Model
Information Model for Asset Management

Alarm & Condition

RAPID allows you to monitor your production processes to ensure product/batch quality and compliance. RAPID collects, stores and reports complex Alarm & Condition data from OPC Alarms & Events and custom interfaces. You have full report filtering with RAPID’s web visualization, RAPID’s XL Add-in and RAPID’s inbuilt query tool.

Data Management features


We offer Cloud solutions starting with data storage in the Cloud with AWS and Azure for those of you wishing to retain an on premise application, to a full Cloud software solution enabling you to access RAPID as SaaS.

We combine local Data source Configuration (using desktop RAPID tools) with our powerful Cloud based data storage and web visualization platform. You configure the Data Source locally, point to the Cloud URL and your data will be streamed to our Cloud portal. From there, you use our advanced web visualization tools to access, analyze and report on your data. A full user/role based security system is included to ensure data integrity, and to ensure that users are provided with the system view most relevant for them.

Data Security & Auditing

RAPID is trusted by our Fortune 500 Pharma customers for data security and auditing.

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Comprehensive audit trail, reports and queries of all interactions with all RAPID databases
  • Active Directory/LDAP/Kerberos integration
  • Item/Tag level security 
  • Granular audit logging and traceability
  • Secure data transmission (HTTPS for data transmission, Secure SSL Store and Forward between remote Data Publisher and Central Server)

Batch (S88)

For those of you operating in a batch production and control environment, RAPID allows you to collect and store your data and view it in ISA 88 compliant format as well as free form batch format. We support systems including DeltaV, ABB Advant, Provox & RSBatch. Our Batch (S88) functionality provides you with a web based batch reporting engine so you can produce reports which combine batch and continuous data.


RAPID’s Object Database technology guarantees you outstanding performance. Every on-premise installation comes with simple utilities to demonstrate this performance, which is attainable on commodity hardware.

  • Performance does not degrade as database size increases
  • Ingestion rate 3 million events per second
  • Retrieval rate 4.4 million events per second
  • 100 nanosecond time sampling resolution
  • High performance out of sequence insertion
  • All your data online with lossless compression by default
  • Configurable Lossy compression at device level supporting algorithms such as Boxcar, Swinging door parallelogram and Deadband

Performance in numbers


Events written per second


Events read per second

Data Loss

Compression Algorithm


Tags stored on a single database

1024 Petabytes

Upper limit for a single database

64 Thousand

Databases on a single machine

Data Collection

RAPID’s Object Database technology guarantees you outstanding performance. Every on-premise installation comes with simple utilities to demonstrate this performance, which is attainable on commodity hardware.

  • All major OPC interfaces
    • OPC UA (Unified Architecture)
    • OPC DA (Data Access)
    • OPC A&E (Alarm & Event)
    • OPC XML-DA (Data Access XML)
    • OPC HDA (Historical Data Access)
  • CSV, JSON, XML, File Drop and more
  • Modbus
  • IEC60870-5
  • Interface defined to allow easy integration with all Data Sources, including all well-known SCADA systems. Sample code provided.
  • Remote Data Agent component provides full redundant Store and Forward capability
  • Data Agent supports Secure TCP data transfer over IoT 

Connectivity & API

RAPID’s REST API is CRUD enabled so you have full access to data and metadata, supporting all system operations, including configuration, data ingestion and retrieval.

  • Modern programming practices for integration
  • It’s OEM ready
  • Native API supports many languages including C#, VB.NET, C++, VBScript, Javascript, Java, Typescript, PHP & Python


RAPID’s ACID compliant object database design is tailored specifically for storing your time series data.

  • Our technology guarantees performance, including data insertion and queries, independent of data volume
  • Scalable – RAPID meets your requirement whether it’s for a Desktop Historian or a full Enterprise Application
  • A single database can store up to 1028 PB in size
  • You can store data for up to 2 million of your devices on a single installation - further scalability is delivered by connecting RAPID Servers using our REST Connected Server Architecture

Zero Data Loss

We ensure you never lose your data. RAPID’s High Availability is achieved by providing redundancy on multiple fronts guaranteeing complete data integrity, even in tough environments.

  • Replication over slow, high latency connections such as satellite from ship to shore, or from remote field assets to your control center
  • Remote data collection store & forward
  • Automatic connection failover
  • Clustering
  • Database mirroring

Low Cost of Ownership

RAPID’s highly automated system ensures your initial setup is straightforward and fast and will require only minimal ongoing system intervention. Up to 250 databases can be accommodated on a standard server which minimizes your hardware costs / cloud resource requirements.

  • Connect, collect and visualize your data within minutes
  • Easy management of data with no performance tuning required
  • No DBA required
  • RAPID scales from a standard Desktop Historian to an Enterprise data platform, maintaining the same ease of configuration and maintenance
  • Installs on standard hardware

Product Matrix

Tag Count / Data Points< 5,000≥ 5,000
Supported Protocols:
OPC Data Access
OPC Alarm & Condition
SQL Alarms
XML/JSON file import
OPC XML Data Access
Device Level Security
OPC-HDA Server
OPC-HDA Client
Native API
REST Server
Excel Add-In
Batch Collection and Reporting (S88)
Alarm & Condition
PDF Report Generation
HTML5 Dashboards and Trending
Cloud Storage
High Availability
Data Store and Forward
Audit Trail
Information Model
Calculation Engine
OPC UA Server
Advanced Analytics - AI, ML