HVAC Remote Management

Client: HVAC Manufacturer


In this project we implemented the remote monitoring of very large populations of HVAC units.


Our approach was to implement a LoRa network to cover the geographical area of the HVAC unit population and implement the local collection of key metrics from each of the HVAC units. The data from the HVAC units was consolidated and stored in a centralized RAPID database and monitoring implemented by exception. Alarms are sent to the Maintenance Team when an HVAC unit is non-conformant, which generates a maintenance event.

A database of historic performance data on each of the HVAC units is being collated to progress to the implementation of AI algorithms to produce predictive maintenance schedules for the HVAC units.

Strategic Benefit to our Client

Our Client offers a new value-added managed HVAC solution to its clients. This managed service is a new revenue stream.

Our Client has increased customer satisfaction and reduced maintenance costs through maintenance visits by exception.

This generic solution can be rolled out to all our Client’s HVAC populations in the field