Smart City Crowd Management

Client: Major Sports Stadium (90,000 seats)


This project was to apply advanced technology to crowd analysis. Specifically: to identify crowd density within zones, to count persons to obtain an accurate estimate of the population in confined areas, to track crowd movement in real time and to identify and alarm dangerous activity within the crowd to security personnel.


We deployed an advanced Artificial Intelligence video analytics solution, which counts crowd volumes to the highest degree of accuracy, dynamically and without human intervention. The solution provides a dynamic heat map to compare crowd numbers with recommended capacity and identifies people movement bottlenecks which give rise to safety risk. These risks are communicated to our Client on screen in real time and also in continuous alarm and event reporting and analysis. We deployed using the Client’s existing CCTV infrastructure, no retrofitting of infrastructure was required.

Strategic Benefit to our Client

  • Our Client can ensure crowd safety at major events taking place within the stadium
  • Our Client receives advance warning of a security issue which is developing, such as dangerous crowd density or dangerous behaviour within a crowd, prior to crisis point
  • Our Client can take action to prevent danger before it happens, safely and with minimum disruption to visitors
  • The safety solution is very cost effective as it uses the Client’s existing CCTV infrastructure and requires minimal systems integration