Transform your time series data management, analytics, visualization and intelligence with RAPID

We love data, always have. So, challenging the prevailing limitations, we developed RAPID – a Tier 1 time series database and process data platform designed by engineers, for engineers - which manages your time series data, analytics and visualization fast, simply and out of the box.


We love to innovate, so we now have applications built on RAPID to collect and aggregate your data for IOT, to move your data management to the Cloud and for predictive maintenance of your assets.

The RAPID Stack

Value for Industrial Automation and IoT Professionals


Industrial Automation Engineers

  • Connect, collect and visualize your process data with no limits
  • Create powerful dashboards, calculations and reports


Plant and Process Managers

  • Manage and monitor your operations and assets to ensure compliance, product quality and consistency
  • Predict asset failure and reduce downtime



  • Easily collect and transfer massive volume data from your edge devices, control systems and sensors
  • Aggregate your data into a single, comprehensive IOT management platform



  • Deliver reliable, best-in-class data management solutions for your customers
  • Enjoy support from data scientists with comprehensive industrial automation experience

An Advanced Data
Intelligence Solution



Full HTML5 dashboard development for ad-hoc queries, complex KPIs and application dashboards for all HTML enabled devices



Production of data trends, patterns and correlations and data enrichment from combining RAPID data with external data sources



Intuitive calculation engine for freeform expressions, standard library functions, coded calculations and event-based calculations


Artificial Intelligence

Integration with external AI engines such as Tensorflow and Automsoft’s AI and neural network based applications for Smart Cities

An Industrial-Strength Data Management Platform



Ingestion rate of 3 million events per second, retrieval 4.4 million events per second - regardless of database size. High performance out of sequence insertion



RAPID’s modular data adaptor architecture facilitates connection to all standard and proprietary protocols. Secure data transfer over IoT, including full redundancy and Store&Forward – no 3rd party ad-ons required



REST interface permitting full CRUD access to data and metadata. Support for legacy connectivity such as ODBC, OPC and complete low level API for custom development



RAPID’s ACID compliant object database design tailored for storing time series data, scalable from desktop to Enterprise to 1024 PB per single DB with no degradation of performance

All The Numbers Add Up


Years of innovation


Global installations


Major industry sectors


Trusted by blue chip clients