Utilities Data Management

We provide utilities companies with a data management platform which gives a single view of their data and information from multiple assets and systems. Operational performance is managed through a system of comprehensive KPIs and analytics dashboards. We also provide OEM data historians to experts in the field of substation management

We can help you to:

  • Configure, deploy and monitor new equipment quickly using our Information Model
  • Generate alarm and condition data for root cause analysis of asset failure or performance degradation
  • Provide your operators with a historical perspective on your plants where stored data points can be compared and contrasted through ad hoc queries over periods from a few minutes to several years
  • Create dashboards which are accessible from smart devices and in your control centres
  • Build up a dynamic history of critical parameters from the plant for your Operations and Maintenance to feed into predictive maintenance schedules
  • Identify patterns in the alarms history and compare with potential underlying process conditions
  • Ensure zero data loss through high availability of your system

Case Studies

Inspection of Complex Assets in Power Generation

Distributed Gas Turbine Maintenance

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