Distributed Gas Turbine Maintenance

Client: Global Oil Field Services Company


In this project we created a centralized reporting and analysis system for gas turbines used for power generation in remote geographical locations. This system gives access to current and historic process data through a web based portal.


The main complication with this project was the reliability of the network from the remote sites (offshore, or in areas with limited fixed communications). This required the installation of a complete store and forward solution local to the asset, with data replication using IoT back to a central server.

Working with our Client we developed a web based reporting front end using RAPIDVision, for access to the data from any of the connected assets. Field engineers could then monitor and assess the health of the turbines. Near real-time calculations were defined to provide predictive maintenance capability, allowing maintenance and down-time to be planned before the turbine failed or was forced into reduced load.

The overall solution was designed to be maintained by the Client’s own engineering team, with scalability a major facet. Turbine engineers can use RAPID’s Information Model to add new assets on site, with no further systems work required.

Strategic Benefit to our Client

The Client has the capability to monitor turbines remotely in environments with little infrastructure, using mobile devices. Through the use of intelligent analytics of the turbine data, significant cost savings and asset life extension can be achieved through fast, in the field analysis of problems and predictive maintenance schedules.