Inspection of Complex Assets in Power Generation

Client: Fortune 500 Electrical Power Generation and Distribution Company


This project was to ensure that complex assets were being maintained correctly and used within the asset’s operational parameters. In this project RAPID was deployed into a number of power generating systems which use traditional steam generation through water tube boilers.


We implemented data collection of the critical parameters for certification of the water tube boilers: the temperature within the boiler and the pressure of the water/steam in the tubes and super heater elements. We used RAPID’s legacy batch system to group measurements into lots and down to individual parts. (At individual part level this can be handed off to SAP or similar).

The data enables the optimisation of this complex system. For example, the relationship between fuel and air flow through the various nozzles into the boiler is monitored and observed over time periods from a few seconds to several years. The data is then compared against models to identify any deviation from optimal. By combining both continuous and Alarm & Condition data with a consistent time stamp, we simplified investigation of process outages and made possible true sequence of event reporting.

The data platform has full audit trail capabilities and stores controlled system parameters such as Sox and Nox emissions which provides the basis for regulatory reporting.

Strategic Benefit to our Client

Our Client can measure and monitor critical parameters and build up a dynamic history of these parameters.

Through a combination of monitoring, system optimisation and predictive maintenance, the operational life of the asset can be extended.

Regulatory reporting requirements are fulfilled.